We have gained tremendous knowledge from profitsquad to help us take our business to the next level. Our “squad” taught us the importance of goal setting. Once we began setting (and meeting!) goals, we then realized that we needed to create a Mission Statement and Policy and Procedures for our staff to know the expectations that would make our business run smoothly, and they provided us with expert advice, brainstorming, and research.

I highly recommend profitsquad for organizational visioning and planning. Our Chamber of Commerce will benefit for years to come from training our leadership received on building a more diverse board of directors.

I highly recommend profitsquad. The team’s extensive background in in training and communication as well as critical response experience make profitsquad a valuable asset. 

Gil McKee IT Professional

Profitsquad helped me clarify my goals and vision and to become more profitable!

I can’t give enough praise to profitsquad! Their team building, professional coaching, and guidance have been instrumental in helping our company become more effective, synergistic and profitable.This clarity helped us streamline our personnel, make our marketing efforts more on point, and expand the company. I don’t think our company could have grown the way it has without their expertise, guidance and support. Highly recommended!

Working with profitsquad over the last couple of years has allowed Cure Global to build a foundation that now is the focal point in each decision we make whether it is operations, strategy, or expansion.

Profitsquad has provided the coaching and support necessary at each growing level of our business; from creating and implementing sound business processes to accurate financial reporting and review. I would definitely recommend profitsquad to anyone seeking sound business coaching and support!