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A powerful selection assessment, PXT Select helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview. One person completes a single assessment, and you gain a suite of reports to help hire smarter, increase engagement, and decrease turnover. The PXT Select Assessment provides organizations with actionable data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help them to interview better and hire smarter. Powered by the latest in assessment technology, this innovative new assessment drives ten different reports.  The data from the PXT Select suite of reports help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach and develop their team members. 

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hire smarter

The flagship in our suite of assessments and management tools, PXT Select assesses a person’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests and compares the 

results to a specific job using a “performance model” built specifically for your job using a library of performance models and your team’s input. PXT Select can be used to hire for positions and job types at any level and across all industries. From entry level positions to the top leadership position, the PXT Select provides the insight and guidance you need in your hiring process—and it adheres to the US Department of Labor’s three Principles of Assessment relating to reliability and validity.**  

onboard efficiently
increase engagement

Our clients love the PXT Select because, with only one assessment, you gain access to a full suite of coaching and development reports that apply to both sales and non-sales specific employees.

You’ll be able to access tools all through the single PXT Select assessment at no additional cost!  With the Coaching Report, a manager can onboard a new employee much more effectively and help develop his or her full potential much more quickly.  The same coaching report can be used to help current employees identify their challenges and improve job performance. Overall, the Coaching Report helps managers accelerate and maximize the performance of their employees.  The tool provides detailed narrative feedback on each of the scales that highlights how the individual may be inclined to approach the role and where he or she could benefit from coaching.   For each scale, there is “Bottom Line” advice about the person’s results on the scale. These statements zero in on a critical behavior that might make the greatest difference in the individual’s job performance as it relates to that scale.

manage effectively
Decrease turnover

For every employee and manager who has completed the PXT Select assessment, the Manager-Employee Report is also available, comparing an individual’s

results on the Behavioral Traits scales with those of a manager. It helps build an understanding of how the manager approaches the job of supervising others and how an employee prefers to be managed, allowing the manager and employee to build a more effective relationship more quickly. The report is frequently used to help the manager and employee work more effectively together. Managers often use this to start off on the right foot with new employees, transition employees from another department with less stress,  or to improve their relationship with individuals they are already managing.  Team Report, another powerful tool in the PXT Select suite, can help team leaders and team members address the group’s dynamics in a constructive way. It consists of multiple employees’ results on the Behavioral Traits scales, as well as narrative feedback about what those results may mean for a team. It is designed so that each team member can receive a personalized report, with the feedback written to him or her, rather than a single team report where the narrative is written solely to the manager. The report helps team members understand their similarities and differences and to work more effectively together. The Leadership Reports provides invaluable insight into a candidate’s leadership potential and their approach to meeting leadership challenges. Help hiring managers understand how a candidate leads by giving insight into how an individual’s cognitive and behavioral traits and interests can affect their potential as a leader. 

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