Hiring Well in 4 steps . . . Step 1

Hiring Well in 4 steps . . . Step 1

Over the last several years, while helping multiple clients improve employee engagement and reduce turnover (which are always interdependent objectives), we identified four common issues: 1. episodic  recruitment efforts; 2. inconsistent hiring practices; 3. limited (almost non-existent) onboarding steps, and 4. misguided management.  Implementing low-cost changes in each area results in significantly lowering turnover and increasing engagement—which decreases costs and increases revenue–a powerful combination that drops more profit to the bottom line.

Step 1: Recruit Constantly.

Even with clients who have a very small group of employees, we focus on helping them to become constant recruiters by utilizing their own website as a 24-hour window into their company for potential candidates (in conjunction with other online hiring options) and by creating a referral program.   We encourage all our clients to add a page to their website on which they routinely update job postings and to link that page to any job board listings, hiring sites, external and internal postings.  To keep the page active when they don’t have current openings, we encourage them to share an employee spotlight or other employee accolades and to post pictures of employees working in various roles. This page should provide 24-hour access to job listings, the application process, and the ability to experience the employee culture in your company.  Use this page to showcase your culture and your team and to give potential candidates insight into your company.

Next, build a referral program to turn your employees and their sphere of influence into a powerful active and passive candidate recruitment tool.  Your referral program needs to clear and simple for your employees.  They need to know that if a candidate they refer applies for a current job opening for which they have the requisite training and skill, they will be rewarded and exactly what that reward will be.  They need to know that if a candidate they refer to you is hired by your company, they will be rewarded and exactly what that reward will be.  We remind our clients routinely “the best candidate for your job may not be actively looking for a job; don’t let that stop you.”

Your employees and their sphere of influence on Facebook alone can exponentially extend your candidate pool.   Facebook is one of the more powerful ways to reach those passive candidates (those not actively looking for a different job) and to build a rich candidate pool.  In the US, 68% of adults actively use Facebook and have an average of 322 friends.  Imagine if you get 5 employees (or 5 of your friends) to share your job posting on Facebook:  5 x 322 = 1,610 people added to your potential pool.  The key to getting your employees and friends to share your post is to make it simple to do and to ask them to do it.  Make posting and sharing your job openings on Facebook an easy step for all your employees.  Simply  post an engaging announcement on your company Facebook page along with a compelling photo or very brief video.  Be sure that the post includes a link directly to your job page on your website.  Announce to your employees that the post is live on Facebook, ready to be shared, and remind employees about your referral program.  Consider sending a private message to each employee on Facebook encouraging them to share the post and reminding them of the referral program.

Put reminders near the time clock as well and make printed announcements available so employees can take one with them and share with friends who aren’t on Facebook.

Next?  Step 2: Hire Methodically.