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The key to effective coaching is to match the individual or group with a strategic business coach who fits well with your company’s culture, needs, preferences as well as the learning and motivation styles of the people being coached. We start by getting to know your company, your culture, your vision, the strengths and needs of the individual or team being coached so that we can then match you with a coach (or squad) who can meet you where you are and help you move forward rapidly.  

 That’s right where profitsquad starts. 

A recent study found that 86% of companies that engaged a business coach experienced a positive return on investment.

Our FREE initial consultation begins with a brief questionnaire to determine

  • where you are,
  • your needs and preferences, and
  • an overview of your desired goals. 

We work with you to craft a plan for proactive coaching and intentional engagement that fits your culture and your schedule and your budget.  

Once we have a game plan that meets your needs, we accelerate the process by providing powerful assessment tools for each participant, whether you are the CEO focused on developing yourself as a leader, the manager of a division committed to providing mentorship to your department leads, or the director of HR creating a coaching program to develop leaders within your company. 

We start by assessing your company’s current situation, defining areas of concern and opportunity, and determining desired outcomes.  Each participant then completes one or more reliable, validated assessments that provide actionable data which enables the profitsquad coach to get to know each participant more quickly, to review the behavioral tendencies identified in the assessments, and to identify measurable actions that will more quickly toward the desired outcomes.

Each participant will meet with the coach on the schedule determined during initial consultation and receive follow-up reminders and tips via email on through the online portal in which each person is able to track goals and document progress.  The information shared between the coach and the participant is treated confidentially with the following exceptions when coaching is funded by the company rather than the individual:

The company (direct supervisor) may receive updates on participation (number of coaching sessions attended, missed, rescheduled)

The company (direct supervisor) may receive a management report for the assessment(s) completed by the participant

The company (direct supervisor) may receive the progress updates provided by the participant to the coach for goals set by the company (direct supervisor)

For every client, we create a customized playbook that will guide the coaching process, allowing each person to move forward at a strong pace while ensuring that the work goes deep enough to have a powerful and lasting impact. 

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  • Powerful Leadership
  • Efficient Business Processes
  • Highly Effective Team Members
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Increased Profitability