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The key is matching the individual or group with a strategic business coach who fits well with the company’s culture, needs, preferences and the learning and motivation styles of the participants. The key then is to find a company that starts by getting to know your company, your culture, your vision, the strengths and needs of the individual or team being coached so that we can then match you with a coach or even a squad who can meet you right there and help you move forward rapidly.  

 That’s right where profitsquad starts. 

A recent study found that 86% of companies that engaged a business coach experienced a positive return on investment.

Our FREE initial consultation begins with a brief questionnaire to determine

  • where you are,
  • your needs and preferences, and
  • an overview of your desired goals. 

We work with you to craft a plan for proactive coaching and intentional engagement that fits your culture and your schedule and your budget. 


Once we have a game plan that meets your needs, we accelerate the process by providing powerful assessment tools for each participant, whether you are a solo-preneur, a team of four, or an executive looking for the best-of-class tools and skills to lead your entire company. 

We use reliable, validated assessments that help you get to know yourself better, identify your behavioral tendencies and help your coach get to know you quicker so that your forward momentum is accelerated from the very start.

Whether you are a startup in the early days of chaos and commotion or you have a team of managers actively working to supervise large groups of employees in a seasoned business, we start by assessing your current situation, defining your reality.  We move quickly forward to define the baseline of “enough.” 

Some coaches start by talking about break-even with startups.   While we will help you define break-even if you haven’t already, our first goal is help you clearly define enough—professionally, profitably, personally.  We have found that even wildly successful executives need and benefit from this exercise that is unique to profitsquad’s approach.  Through this coach-led exercise you establish the baseline you need so to have a foundation that is both strong and stable enough to launch your powerful and sustainable growth.   

For every client, we create a customized playbook that will guide the coaching process, allowing you to move forward at the best pace for you while ensuring that the work goes deep enough to have a powerful and lasting impact.

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  • Powerful Leadership
  • Efficient Business Processes
  • Highly Effective Team Members
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Increased Profitability